October 1, 2008 New version 1.23 of CodeFinder: Millennium Edition just released. Many new capabilities and optimized for Windows VISTA and Windows 7.

Exciting New Bible code search texts available for the CodeFinder: Millennium Edition program. Each pack has a number of search texts (only $5 per codes pack). Go to info page for complete info. Pack#1-Aramaic NT; Pack#2-Hebrew Torah & Tanach with letter substitution-Albam, Atbash, Atbach; Pack#3-Greek NT.

Articles by those you saw on the TV shows (articles are PDF files requiring Acrobat Reader).

Hurricane Katrina Bible Codes Matrix by Roy A. Reinhold
New matrix February 24, 2006. It has 22 terms that are sentences; and it investigates the possibility that hurricane Katrina has an X-Files type twist involving scalar electromagnetic waves. The matrix is far beyond chance in the universe and I think you'll see that the findings are extremely interesting. PDF file, 650kb, 16-page article.

A New 9-11 Bible Code Matrix: Learning the Value of Snooping by Roy A. Reinhold
A great new matrix on 9-11 with terms as sentences that is both statistically significant beyond chance in the universe, and also meaningful. The article also explains how to do more advanced Bible code matrixes using "snooping". PDF file, 524kb, 10-page article.

Additional Bible code breakthroughs by Moshe Shak

The Nephilim: A Primer by Walter York
An excellent 18-page PDF article that is one the best papers I've seen on the topic of the ancient Nephilim, the giants of old, who were on the earth both before and after the flood of Noah.

End of Days matrix by Roy Reinhold (on earlier TV special)
A matrix on the coming of the Messiah to reign on the earth.

WMD (weapons of mass destruction) from Iraq matrix by Roy Reinhold (on latest TV special)
Based on real-world intelligence, a matrix on what happened to the Weapons of Mass Destruction from Saddam Hussein's arsenal. Recent press articles are starting to say the same things this matrix showed many months ago.

A comprehensive article comparing all the Bible codes software programs is available. There are rankings, speed tests, comparisons of functions and more. html version . PDF version

Publisher's 2-Book Bible code Special: Discounted Price, 40% off special offer
Wouldn't it be amazing to peek into what top Bible code researchers are finding now? Get the special offer.

Bible code 2-book special - Ark Code + NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones, with shipping $23.00 for USA only (saves 35%)

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Ark Code (as seen on the History Channel TV Special)

Ark Code has over 55 high-quality matrices, 10 geographic maps and 243 pages in oversize 7.3" x 9.3" book size. Written by Barry Steven Roffman. Retail price is $17.95 + shipping.

40% off sale ..$10.75 plus shipping.

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Imagine you were an insider in finding the Ark of the Covenant; imagine your excitement and the danger involved. Would it be a death sentence to touch it? Would you be able to use it to speak directly to God as Moses did over 3000 years ago?

Is it possible that the hidden Ark location has been found with the Bible codes? Ark Code is a fascinating read about locating the Ark of the Covenant using the Bible code. Barry Roffman pioneers the unique concept of actual ELS maps encoded in the Bible code. Not just any sort of encoded maps, but maps focused on locating the precise position of the long-lost Ark of the Covenant - maps that use our modern lattitude-longitude grid system. The impact on science, religion and geopolitics could be earth-shaking. What impact would bringing it forth to the public have on you and your circle of friends?

In Ark Code, Barry also explores many of the stories and myths on where the Ark might be located, and then shows redundant ELS maps in the codes to pinpoint where the prophet Jeremiah hid it 2,600 year ago. Wouldn't it be amazing to be an insider? Buy Ark Code now to get the full story and location. Get Involved!

NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones

NEPHILIM was written by Walter Keith Yorkand has 315 pages with advanced Bible code matrices. Large 6x9" size. Retail $14.95 + shipping.

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Martin McDonald and his wife Rachael were stunned by the turn of events. Wrested from their well-to-do world, they were beguiled into participating in a secret “black” government project that would forever change their lives. That was the cause for the change; that was the cause of their encounter with these modern end-times Nephilim.

Why were the Nephilim and their hired-gun scientists peering into past and future events through the Bible code? It all became apparent very quickly.

The ancient Nephilim, mentioned in biblical ante-deluvian times and in ancient Greek mythology, were physical giants. They were the mighty men of renown due to their size and aggressiveness. Banned from the earth, they've found a way to return; and although not physical giants this time, their aggressive ways are the same as in ancient times.

Walter York weaves real cutting-edge Bible code matrices using all phrases and sentences in the storyline, to reveal both the ancient and end-times Nephilim. NEPHILIM: the Fallen Ones is a story of good versus evil . . . of love lost and restored . . . of a secret government project gone awry.

Bible Codes Breakthrough:
Amazing Matrices and How-To Guide
by Moshe Aharon Shak

Bible Codes Breakthrough is an excellent 202 page book, with the first half being a practical How-To guide on how to do valid Bible code matrices. The second half is filled with many fascinating matrices at a much higher level of statistical significance than other books on the Bible codes. The 24-letter term, on the cover on the right, is the main term for Moshe's 10-Commandments matrix. That ought to give you a hint at the level of codes work Moshe produces.

All the matrices, illustrations and pictures are in full color. We are making the book available as a PDF eBook, precisely because we can offer it in full color at a modest price of $8.95, while a book like this printed in full color would be $30.00 or more. There are over 100 matrices in the book with accompanying tables and full explanations. Frankly, there is far more substance in this book than in Michael Drosnin's books and other Bible code books. After purchase, you will receive a download e-mail with a link to download the book (8.2 mb in size because of all the color matrices). You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view the eBook.

Moshe Aharon Shak is an Orthodox Jew who approaches the Bible code from a traditional perspective.

Price: $8.95 ..

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FREE Hebrew Alphabet Quizzer program (new version 2) by Robert C. Graf. This program teaches you the Hebrew letters and Hebrew letters as number values by quizzing you in a fun and easy way. Moshe Shak did the voice pronunciation of the letters for the program, which allows you to hear how each letter is pronounced properly. Works on Windows 95 through XP. Did I mention it is completely FREE? Download the program here (5.0 mb).

World's Best Bible Code Software (by independent reviewers)

We've found that the average person can search the Bible codes with good software, and can begin with no knowledge of Hebrew and learn as they go. Finding and developing matrices on past, current, or even future events is possible as well as doing a matrix on your life. Roy Reinhold

CodeFinder: Millennium Edition,
the world's #1 ranked Bible codes program.

New version 1.23 of CodeFinder: Millennium Edition. Great new features and optimized for Windows VISTA (32&64-bit) and Windows 7.

Wouldn't it be amazing to use the same "best" codes software that top codes researchers use every day, and find a matrix on past and future events, or even on your own life? That technology is available now for a modest price. For the best deal, buy the Download version of CodeFinder for $57.95 and have it installed and running on your own computer in less than an hour. The Download version is the same as the CD version. New version 1.23 CDs are in stock.

CodeFinder: Millennium Edition is the world's #1 ranked Bible codes program, used by top codes researchers. It has the fastest searches; accurate Koren Torah and Tanach search texts; bilingual Hebrew-English dictionary; best automatic terms matching in searches; searches unlimited terms; automatic calculation of statistics and statistical odds in matrix report; date & number conversions; free updates to installed program; searches in Hebrew, Greek, or English texts provided; statistical control search texts; extensive new Tutorial, and much more.

For Windows 98 to XP, Vista and Windows 7 on CD. The price is $67.95 + $5 shipping for all other countries. Buy online with 128-bit SSL security.

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Keys to the Bible (#2 ranked in
the world) Bible codes program.
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Keys To The Bible is a premium Bible codes program with 5 Hebrew-English dictionaries. It has accurate automatic statistics for matrix odds, an excellent gematria engine with 8 methods, automatically generated Bible codes matrix report, mirrored matrix, plus full Rashi commentary verse by verse, Bible chronology, 613 commandments of Maimonides and much more. Use it to search the Bible code for your name, and past/present/future events. It's also an excellent gematria investigation tool, and the program Hebrew & English concordances, commentary and other features are great Bible study aids. As of January 6, 2009, we only offer Keys to the Bible as a Download in order to save customers money and provide the latest changes. For a PC with Windows 98 to XP & Vista and Win 7.

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Download combo package: Keys to the Bible and Jerusalem Dictionary Download Versions, $104.95, save 25% or $34. Downloads both programs separately. Jerusalem Dictionary is a Hebrew-English dictionary and thesaurus program. It does NOT work with Windows Vista (works with Win 98 to XP).

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